'Mute Outtakes' (2017)(6.39) HD Video, single channel projection.

‘Mute Outtakes’ (2017) HD video.

Mute Outtakes takes a short piece of film discovered on the DVD extras of the modernist writer BS Johnson’s
infamous short film ‘Fat Man on a Beach’ (1973) as a starting point for a new work. The outtake shows Johnson
talking directly to the camera; the sound however has been lost and this acts as a departure point for my video.
The absence of the authors voice is a locus for the video that collages field recordings, found footage, animated
photocopies, studies of graphology and music to explore materiality.
The video traverses this sense of the absent voice as an investigation into the frictions between sound and
image, through speculation, association, hallucination and misinterpretation.


'Mute Outtakes' (2017) Installation View.


'Hania Swimming'
(2017) C Print mounted to MDF.

http://www.robertlye.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-96_Installation-shot MuteOuttakes.jpg

'Mute Outtakes'
(2017) Installation View.


'Ellipsis' (i) (2017) Speakers, Mixer, Coil Mic, Wi Fi, Speaker Lead.


'Ellipsis'(ii) (2017) One Tonne of Black Volcanic Sand.


(Theme from Assault on Precinct 13) (2017)
Beer Bottles with varying amounts of beer,


'Hania Leaning' (2017) A4 Colour Print. Edition available here...http://dyehouse451.com/portfolio/rob-lye-1